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Solutions from TASS
CAx software is the exclusive representative of TNO Automotive Safety Solutions (TASS) in India. TASS provides software, engineering and test solutions to complex safety development issues. Building on over 30 years of crash test and vehicle safety experience, TASS offers a wide range of services and world-class products to meet customer requirements.
Automotive Passive Safety Systems: madyamo  
Madymo: Madymo is a software package that allows users to design and optimize occupant safety systems efficiently, quickly and cost effectively. MADYMO is the worldwide standard for occupant safety analysis and simulation and it is used extensively in engineering departments, design studios, research laboratories and technical universities. It has proven itself in numerical applications, often supported by verification studies using experimental data.
Vehicle crash & airbag failure analysis
Accident Reconstruction
Biomechanical Analysis
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Engineering Consultancy

TASS provides tools and methods which are a product of practical experience amid the challenges of real automotive development. All around the globe, TASS engineers are working with car manufacturers and their suppliers to provide engineering solutions. TASS can provide contracted delivery of vehicle safety systems as well as expert staff for onsite support of vehicle programmes.

Safety systems integration and performance
Vehicle structural crash worthiness
Vehicle dynamics modeling for active safety development.
Crash lab physical crash testing
TNO's crash lab is a beacon of crash safety excellence that is recognized around the worls. The facility is equipped with to deliver a comprehensive range of vehicle, sled and component tests from prototype development through to regulatory compliance.
New test methods and vehicle development support
Frontal impact safety testing
Side impact safety testing
Pedestrian safety testing
Rollover testing
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Automotive Active Safety Systems
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Intelligent Vehicle (IV) systems
PreScan is a software tool that was created as a development environment for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Intelligent Vehicle (IV) systems. These are systems with sensors that monitor the vehicle's surroundings, using the acquired information to take action. Such actions may range from warning the driver of a potentially dangerous situation to actively evading hazards by means of automatic braking or automatic steering.
Given a specific accident scenario, it is easy to discover the cause of the accident as well as which driver support system concept could have prevented it. By changing the weather and light conditions, or by adding disturbances such as sensor noise and sensor drift, the system's robustness can be monitored. By subjecting the intelligent system to other traffic scenarios, its side-effects become clear or even potentially discover an alternative design that performs even better!
PreScan's unique features  
PreScan is a truly unique software package. There is no other tool on the market that combines:
High-fidelity simulation based on real physics.
Detailed sensor models including noise and drift.
Matlab/Simulink interface for algorithm development and vehicle dynamics model import (e.g. from CarSim or veDYNA).
Custom 3-Dimensional model import (e.g. from Google 3D Warehouse or Google SketchUp).
Data acquisition & test automation (e.g. via Matlab/Simulink, dSPACE ControlDesk or NI LabVIEW).
Adjustable weather and light conditions.
Realistic visualization.
User-friendly operation.
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