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CAx Software presents Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation (MDO) technologies from NOESIS Solutions. Noesis Solutions, based in Belgium is a leading software provider for the Process Integration and Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimisation (PIDO) market. Noesis Solutions was spun out of the CAE division of LMS International , the worldwide leader in Testing systems, CAE software and Engineering services for functional performance engineering.


OPTIMUS makes digital prototyping possible and practical. The OPTIMUS package easily captures your current simulation processes. It automatically explores the design space using Design of Experiments (DOE) and Response Surface Modeling (RSM) techniques, giving you insight into the variations of a design and the related 'trade-offs'.

OPTIMUS can link to any simulation code, including in-house code and little supported ‘legacy’ systems, so the user works faster and more effectively with existing codes and models. The need to start again with new and unfamiliar tools can be avoided: earlier investments in design analysis systems can be re-used.

A key feature is the multi-disciplinary nature of the process: the results of a whole range of performance simulation tools, and even non-physical analyses such as cost estimation, can be used to define the business objectives.

Application areas include mechanical, structural and fluid dynamics and thermal and other design attributes in the automotive, aerospace and marine industries; electronic components, medical and domestic products and consumer goods; civil engineering and energy; resource management and business planning.

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  LMS Virtual.Lab Optimisation

LMS Virtual.Lab Optimisation contains a complete set of powerful capabilities for single and multi-attribute Optimisation. The technology available in OPTIMUS has been implemented in the Virtual.Lab environment and can be used as Virtual.Lab process add-ons.

Virtual.Lab Optimisation drives the analysis sequence of all Virtual.Lab applications including Virtual.Lab Noise & Vibration, Motion, Acoustics and Durability.

Through Design of Experiments (DOE) and Response Surface Modeling (RSM) techniques, engineers gain a rapid insight in all the possible design options that meet their requirements. Using the advanced Optimisation routines as available in OPTIMUS, Virtual.Lab Optimisation automatically selects the optimal design.

Virtual.Lab also allows to take into account a design’s sensitivity to real-world variability, and leads to the design of products that meet the strictest robustness, reliability and quality criteria.

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