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Simcenter 3D is an integrated software suite to simulate the performance of mechanical systems in terms of structural integrity, noise and vibration, durability, system dynamics, ride and handling and other attributes.
Simecenter 3D - Motion
Simecenter 3D - Motion is specifically designed to simulate realistic motion and loads of mechanical systems. It offers effective ways to quickly create and refine multi-body models, efficiently re-use CAD and FE (Finite Element) models and perform fast iterative simulations to assess the performance of multiple design alternatives. Engineers can use its scalable models to execute conceptual kinematic studies at the earliest stages of development, and integrate test data and run more detailed assessments at subsequent stages. Motion results can easily be used to drive subsequent analyses in Simecenter 3D in order to perform concurrent cross-attribute optimisations.
Assess the real-life behavior of complex mechanical systems
Generate accurate loads for structural analysis, durability and noise and vibration studies
Analyse and optimise real-life performance of mechanical systems before prototype testing
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  Simcenter 3D - Durability
Simcenter 3D - Durability allows users to quickly explore and optimise the structural strength and fatigue life of many different design options on component and system assembly level, in time to positively affect design process. Simcenter 3D - Durability executes fast and accurate durability predictions providing engineers immediate feedback regarding all crucial durability areas.

Validate more design variants for fatigue life within ever-shorter development cycles
Confidently simulate the durability performance of a large flexible welded body or a complex suspension
Optimise the durability performance of systems with new, lightweight and eco-friendly materials
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