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LMS Virtual.Lab, from LMS International NV, Belgium is an integrated software suite to simulate the performance of mechanical systems in terms of structural integrity, noise and vibration, durability, system dynamics, ride and handling and other attributes.

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics

LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics offers an integrated solution to minimise the radiated noise or to optimise the sound quality of new designs before prototype testing.

Gain full insight into acoustic problems
Accurately and quickly predict the effect of design changes
Minimize the cost and weight of sound treatment
Reduce noise levels and build-in desirable sound before prototype testing
Aero-acoustics capability to predict flow based noise
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    LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration

LMS Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration allows engineering teams to evaluate the vibro-acoustic behavior of multiple system variants. Its unique hybrid simulation approach intelligently combines Finite Element (FE) modeling with test-derived models. Its industry-standard solvers execute fast and accurate predictions, and dedicated post-processing capabilities provide users with immediate feedback on vibro-acoustic responses and transfer paths.
Integrate test-derived component information in full-system simulation models
Analyze the most critical noise and vibration contributors and identify the most appropriate design modifications
Refine noise and vibration performance before building the first prototype
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    LMS Virtual.Lab Correlation


Ensuring reliable validity of an FE model is essential for realistic noise and vibration simulations of systems. This requires that component, subsystem and full system models are compared with experimental data or to validated models of similar structutes.

LMS Virtual.Lab correlation provides a range of tools to compare dynamic characteristics of models for both traditional Test / FE correlation and for FE-FE and Test-Test correlation.

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